Happy New 2019 ! New Beginnings, New Promotions, New Resolutions!!!!

What's Your New Year Resolution?

Happy, Happy New Year!!!

What is Your 2019 New Year Resolution? Are you planning to cut the few pounds you put on during the holidays, or you want to change your career this year? Are you on the market to buy a new home, or to get married, or plan to have a child?

I sincerely hope you can stay focused on whatever it is you want to achieve, keep on track achieving it, and make it happen. From my own experience, having a plan in writing might help you tremendously and if you don’t have one already, please make one.

My New Year Resolution is to put all of my energy and launch at least ONE New Program Each Quarter that will Save You, The Home-Buyer or The Home-Seller significant amount of money when you buy or sell a house in 2019, especially if you are my type, which is the D.I.Y. type, and you don’t mind to learn new things, put some work into something new, especially if it will to save you money, then please stick by and read on. 

When it comes to being a savvy buyer or seller, I’m not about to disagree with the saying “technology is the king”, and first, you must be aware of options that exists, right? 

Let me share the first project for this quarter, that is on my 2019 list,and will be launched this month. It’s a Must Share especially if you or your family and friends are on the market to buy a New Construction Home in the State of Georgia in 2019. Don’t miss out, know your options first before you call an agent!!! I feel that I’ll be doing disservice to you if I don’t make you aware of your options.

I am a bargain shopper myself, always on the look to find the best deals - best quality at the lower price possible. And when I see people leave money on the table simply because they simply don’t know what to look at, it makes me wonder what I can do to create a win win situation for both you (buyer or seller) and me (the real estate broker).

This month, I’ll be launching the 2% Cash Back Home Rebate Program. Open Enrollment Starts on January 18th, 2019 and it will be available for a limited time. Click here to be notified and find out more!

This Program is for anyone who is on the market to buy a new construction home in 2019 in the State of Georgia, and  looking to put some extra money in their pocket to help them with furnishing, designing or landscaping their new home, or just go on this dream vacation. I’ll open enrollment in a few days for a Limited Time Only, and you should register now if buying a New Construction Home is On Your List in 2019, because after that the registration will be closed, and will not open probably until next year.

What is it all about?

What if I tell you that you can get up to $ 8,000 in your pocket if you buy a $ 400,000 new built home in the State of Georgia,. Can you imagine something like this happening 15 or even 10 years ago?

You'll probably ask, Is it legal? Yes, it is is 100% legal, and it’s backed up by the United States Department of Justice. Of course there are always some general terms and conditions that apply and you'll get the full disclosures if you register.

If you want to find out more or get notified about it please click here. If you know of someone who is on the market to purchase a New Construction Home in 2019 and can take advantage of this program, please share this post with them. The Open Enrollment starts on January 18th, 2019 and will be opened for a limited time only!

January 1, 2019

Violeta is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the States of Georgia and Florida, and the Founder of The House Squad Real Estate SHOP. She has been actively selling real estate for over 15+ years and speaks 3 languages beside English. Her goal is to educate the public of their options, and how they can add more to their bottom line when buying, selling or investing in real estate.