4 MUST To Sell Your Home Fast and For Top Dollar


Home staging is key to selling your home for more money and in less time. I can’t stress this enough. We live in a time where people will sift through 40 photos of your house, before they ever decide to walk through its doors.

You can find lots of do-it-yourself staging ideas online for free, that will give you some great ideas on making your house show at its best. However, here is an important tip that will help you understand the psychology of today’s Buyer.

When a potential Buyer walks into your home, how they FEEL about the property is very, very important.  Or to say it a different way…how the property makes them feel. Here is the question to ask yourself: When buyers walk into my property, is there anything about it that could keep them from feeling at home?

De-clutter and de-personalize!

An overstuffed (for lack of a better term) house makes it look smaller.  Second, it makes a home look older, because it presumably takes time to over-fill a living space.  And third, it makes the space feel disorganized and sometimes even un-cared for.

Because of this, it has a negative effect on the Buyers’ emotions.

Why? Because clutter creates stress.  Emotionally clutter is not peaceful or relaxing.

TIP:  Take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to go look at some brand new homes that have been professionally staged.  Remember, there is proven strategy behind what they do, so your goal is to make your house look like those houses.  

One final warning, relocating clutter from the room to the closet or garage is NOT de-cluttering.  That’s called “stuffing” or “stashing,” and it ain’t pretty! Now your house feels like it has no garage and no closet space.  Yikes! Bite the bullet and rent a “PODS”® or storage space.

Make your home looks like a model home..


Ideally, your home should be listed at market value, and with the help of a little staging, photography, and digital marketing, it should come off the market immediately thereafter with multiple offers. 

Most sellers don’t realize how important it is for a home to be priced correctly the second it hits the market. This is because a home that hits the market is like a gallon of milk — It does not become more valuable as it ages, it always becomes less.

The Longer It Sits On The Market…

The more people think that something is wrong with the home — Perhaps there are skeletons hiding in the closet or bones buried in the backyard. And if it sits for too long, investors begin coming out of the woodwork with low ball offers, adding insult to the Sellers’ injury.

See the illustration below.

List Price vs. Days on the Market Inphographic

Intelligent Pricing Pyramid

No. 3: Marketing, Marketing... M.L.S. is the Key!

Even if your property is a show-stopping, jaw-dropping, gorgeous, model home with no apologies, it won’t bring top-dollar if it’s not properly exposed to the right buyers.

Let’s look at how you can get the best exposure for your house.

Ideally you want lots of “action”…fast and furious, right?  High buyer interest creates urgency that causes kind of a buyer to rush.  Buyers see lots of interest in your home as an indication that this is a desirable property, making them much more likely to submit an offer faster and for more money.

The local Multiple Listing Service (M.L.S.) contains about 95% the house inventory in your  area and it automatically syncs all data to the internet, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Trulia and over 50,000 web portals, brokers and agents website locally and nationwide 

By putting your property on the M.L.S. , you get 2 major benefits:

  1. Exposure to the Buyer’s Agents who are currently working with ready, able and willing buyers and 
  2. Exposure to Buyers who are searching online independently.

NOTE: If you are selling your home By Owner, you can use a Flat Fee MLS Broker, who can list it on M.L.S. for a flat fee, and you can still sell it yourself. You should promises a commission to the buyer's broker in an event they bring you a buyer but you can still save the listing commission if you don't want your own representation.

For Sale By Owners will gain the following benefits when they list on the local M.L.S.:

       1. Agents won't hammer your phone anymore pretending they have buyers;

No. 4: Easy Sells: Make it Easy for Buyers to View !

When it comes to selling your property, keep in mind that the target here is real buyers, not “tire-kickers.”  Also (and this is crucial) never forget that the aim is getting the property sold for top dollar, not making things easy and convenient for yourself.  So…at least for a few weeks your goal is to accommodate the buyers’ convenience, not yours.

Here are a couple of the key things to understand about today’s buyers.  First, people who are in the process of buying a home are making a huge, life decision, which naturally carries with it a large amount of stress.

Second, people today are busier than ever, so they are trying to make this big decision and pick the perfect house with the least amount of inconvenience.  In some cases, they will literally completely eliminate a property from their list of homes to look at because it is too much of a hassle.

The reason for this seemingly irrational response from a buyer is the third key to understanding the psychology of today’s buyers…and that is that buying a house is above all an emotional decision.  Once their budget is determined and the must-have size and location criteria have been established, the rest is all about what they want and how they feel about a house.

If seeing your home requires extra inconvenience compared to the other homes they are viewing, buyers easily get irritated or annoyed about your property.  This adds to their stress which they now attach to your house as a negative vibe.

And yes, it is that important.  

So how can you position your home in the market to make your property feel like “home, sweet home” from the moment they are first aware of it?  By making it easy for them to see it.

In summary, here are the key tips that make a house easy to show:

  1. House can be seen any time (within reason) with minimal notice.

  2. Security system off.

  3. Use a Supra lockbox.

  4. No pets at the house.

We Have Put Together a Booklet to Help You SUCCESSFULLY Sell Your Home.

This booklet contains tips on things you should be looking for when evaluating your home through the eyes of the buyer. Most of the suggestions are no-cost or low-cost improvements and this early investment in your home’s appearance really pays off when selling the home.

March 13, 2019

Violeta is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the States of Georgia and Florida, and the Founder of The House Squad Real Estate SHOP. She has been actively selling real estate for over 15+ years and speaks 3 languages beside English. Her goal is to educate the public of their options, and how they can add more to their bottom line when buying, selling or investing in real estate.